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Auclair founded in 1945 by Renée & Mathieu Auclair; originally, a manufacturer of fashion gloves and mitts. Through the years, the company started developing a line of sport gloves for brands such as Arctic Cat and Bombardier. By 1972 the Auclair brand was exclusively developing and manufacturing products for the sports industry. Auclair covers all sport sectors from alpine, cross-country, winter hiking, mountaineering, skidoo and bike. The business has expanded into private label for organizations such as the Canadian Police Force among others. Today, the Auclair brand is one of the oldest and most respected gloves in North America.

In 1990, Paris Glove of Canada Ltd. purchased Auclair to build a powerhouse glove Company. Paris Glove, founded in 1945 by Felix & Lily Monk was a family owned business until 2011. The Company grew with its ability to design and produce stylish, high quality and high performance products. With Paris's expertise and focus behind Auclair, the brand has realized one of the longest team relationships, with a 30-year history working with the Canadian Cross-Country Team. Since then, Auclair has built a partnership with a number of Canadian teams: Alpine Canada, Ski Cross, Freestyle Canada, Ski Jumping, Telemark, Nordic Combined, Snowboarding, Speed Skating, Disabled Skiing, and, of course, Cross-Country Skiing. And, the official supplier of the USA Freestyle & Nordic teams.

When Ross Rebagliati won the first gold medal in snowboarding Olympic history, he was riding with Auclair… When Melanie Turgeon, alpine racer ascended the World Cup podium, she raised her hand, and Auclair was there… When Becky Scot won the first Canadian Cross Country medal in Salt Lake City, she won with Auclair by her side… During the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, 6 U.S. gold medalists were wearing Auclair on the podium. And, a great number of Canadian Athletes wore Auclair during the games. This is still true today with Auclair working with the next generation of world class atheltes including the Dufour-Lapointe sisters, Mikael Kingsbury, Alex Harvey, Max Parrot, Alex Betrand-Marchard and Elizabeth Hosking. The future is bright.

In December 2011, the New Wave Group (NWG) purchased Paris Glove of Canada to complement their Sport & Lifestyle apparel lines. The NWG Corporation operates with an entrepreneurial spirit while its partners’ enjoy the benefits of being affiliated with a large organization. In addition to Auclair, the NWG’s Sport & Lifestyle portfolio includes brands such as: Ahead, Cutter & Buck, Craft, PAX, and Seger among others. In the sport sector, NWG operates in 13 regions with their focus on North America and Nordic countries.

Today, Paris Glove has one goal, to continue to focus on developing gloves and mitts of the highest standard that will be the choice of glove worn by our Athletes in achieving their dreams. When Athletes reach the podium, the Auclair brand will be there.

If our Athletes are confident in the Auclair brand, can you afford not to be wearing Auclair? #Borntoperform #ProudlyCanadian

When the gloves go on, it's game on. #Borntoperform #ProudlyCanadian